An introduction to Fastbreak Sports

Fastbreak Sports Management is a boutique sports management firm located in Wollongong NSW Australia. The firm represents professional athletes and coaches in contract negotiations and provides measured advice on prospective opportunities throughout the world of professional basketball. We have a long history of providing sophisticated advice and career guidance to our clients. We adhere to strict ethical standards and morals in providing services to you. We are in constant direct communication with you personally about each career situation that presents itself to you. We are committed to helping each client reach their potential as a professional athlete and as a person. We will assist you in achieving this by providing the highest quality career management as well as the services necessary to enhance your growth. In line with our focus of being a Specialist Basketball Agency Fastbreak Sports Management will at times use specialists throughout the USA, Europe and Asia. This is especially important in Europe and Asia where the existence of many countries with differing laws and customs can become complicated. Our associate specialists in these countries serve as mentors to the players, their ability to speak the native language, understand local customs, culture and use local counsel give my players an advantage and a better opportunity to perform at the highest level possible. In the USA we have long standing arrangements with NBA and WNBA Certified Agents who represent many NBA/WNBA players and share the same philosophy as Fastbreak Sports Management. If positioning for the draft is not applicable my representatives act on our behalf in obtaining opportunities on NBA Summer League rosters or individual team workouts with NBA/WNBA franchises. GEOFF MCGUIRE: Is the owner and operator of the company with over 25 year’s basketball experience as an agent, player or coach including over 20 years as a certified and as a fully accredited FIBA and JBA registered agent. He has the necessary expertise in countries worldwide in complex salary caps, rules and regulations and Collective Bargaining Agreements allowing for you to maximize your opportunities and earnings.